Halo, Broadway - Sydney

Event Engineering

Client: City of Sydney
Artists: Jennifer Turpin & Michaelie Crawford
Where: Central Park, Sydney
Collaborators: Partridge Engineers
Year: 2010

Turning and tilting with the energy of the wind, Halo hovers in finely tuned counterbalance.

The 12 metre diameter tapered yellow ring pivots off-centre atop a 13 metre high tilted silver mast. Though large in size it appears weightless and whilst apparently precarious it is perfectly balanced. The entire weight of the carbon fibre ring and arm rests on a ceramic bearing the size of a small marble.

Halo’s otherworldly presence and uncanny motion play with perception to suspend disbelief. Floating overhead, ring and arm appear at once connected and disconnected. Perspectival distance doubles back on itself as Halo’s eccentric undulating revolutions mesmerise and intrigue.

Collaborating with nature, Halo responds to winds of the moment. Gentle breezes set its slow, off-centered rotations in motion, whilst gusts and eddies tip it off the horizontal to pitch and roll. Stronger winds quicken the rotations and increase the arc of tilt until Halo self dampens and is progressively braked in more extreme weather events.

Inspired by the history of the site itself, Halo draws upon the language and processes of the old brewery. Giant, circular brewing-vat support structures combine with the endless stirrings of brewing alchemy and the tipsy effects of beer to inspire sculptural form and fluid motion.

At the heart of Central Park’s public domain near the cross roads of Balfour Street’s north-south and Irving street’s east-west axis, Halo stands between the heritage, the contemporary and the building-in-progress. Halo’s floating encircling motion draws us inward and gestures outward to the space and energy of the environment beyond.

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