Bamboo Exquisite TOWER

Nati Frinj Biennale 2022

Where: Nati Frinj Biennale 2022, Natimuk
Anthony Schellens 
Creative Team: Kate Finnerty, Abby Watkins and Jillian Pearce
Collaborators: Nati Access Company
Year: 2022
Photography credit: Suzanne Phoenix, 2022

‘Bamboo Exquisite Tower was a site specific work designed for the 2022 Nati Frinj Biennale by Anthony Schellens in collaboration with Nati Access Company. The tower was host to a number of interactive events, community workshops and performances throughout the festival, including an aerial performance featuring NatiSilks students.

The tower was a continuation of the work of Simon Barley (Bambuco). The project aimed to build upon the legacy of his contribution to the Natimuk community. 


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