The Composer

Caroline Rothwell & Event Engineering

Name: The Composer
Location: MCA Terrace
Artist: Caroline Rothwell
Engineering, Construction, Pre-visuals and Install: Event Engineering

Rothwell’s commission for the Loti Smorgon Sculpture Terrace – Composer – extends a particular interest in both the causes and impacts of climate change through scale and materials new to the artist’s practice. Poetic and whimsical, Composer is a 6-metre high, kinetic sculpture that explores current issues around energy consumption. The work acts as a wind turbine where the air flowing over the Sculpture Terrace is harnessed to create light. The sculpture is powered by a pinwheel – an up-scaled version of a child’s toy, usually propelled by their breath, or by the wind. Attached to the mast of the sculpture is a windswept female figure, operating as a weather vane.

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