Woven Sky

Cave Urban & Event Engineering

Woven Sky was an installation for the 2013-14 Woodford Folk Festival designed by Taiwanese Artist Wang Wen-Chih in collaboration with Cave Urban. The work is constructed from 600 poles of bamboo and 70 radiata pine logs, all harvested within a 20km radius of the site. It rises to 15m high and is 100m long. Taking 40 workers and volunteers 3 weeks to build, Woven Sky served as an entrance point to the Amphitheater stage of the Woodford Folk Festival.

In December 2014 Woven Sky was altered to create a new entrance into the work. The flexibility of the bamboo weave allowed for the roof of the tunnel to be folded down in order to create to arms that stretch out from the work, creating a transitional space for the thousands of people entering the installation.

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