Turpin + Crawford Studio & Event Engineering

Client: City of Sydney
Artists: Turpin + Crawford Studio
Where: Heffron Hall – Sydney
Year: 2014

S(w)ing is an artwork at play. Three large illuminated colourful pendulum discs swing in a joyous choreography of colour, light and movement. Interactive and performative, passersby and visitors to the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre are invited to engage in physical or imaginative play.

Activating the ‘Urban Window’ of the newly refurbished centre S(w)ing transforms the space into a ‘street theatre’ where the ‘strings’ are pulled by children playing in the space below. Coloured ropes connected to pulleys are pulled by children to set the pendulums and their colourful discs in gentle or energetic motion. Overlapping in varying degrees, the movement of the translucent discs mixes vivid colour and illuminated pattern live. The resulting moments of overlapping pattern are reminiscent of intersecting doppler patterns in water, but airborne.

This artwork activated by children pays homage to Heffron Hall and Albert Sloss Reserve as the site of one of Darlinghurst’s first community playgrounds. S(w)ing energetically embraces the lively Darlinghurst community’s spirit of 24 hour play and celebrates the reopening of Albert Sloss Reserve playground.

Videos by Ian Hobbs Media and Brett Boardman.

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