Radio Nova Trebuchet

Radio Nova & Event Engineering

We were involved with the design and safety certification on this project.

What started off as a joke between the two Australian radio presenters (NOVA) ended up as a genuine attempt to break the world record for the Most Powerful Trebuchet (catapult). And they succeeded using a custom built, 10.5 metre high catapult, to launch a listener’s Volkswagen Beetle, an official distance of 76.94 metres at the Tyrepower Sydney Speedway.

In order to break the record, the Guinness World Records required the vehicle to be thrown over 52,088 kilogram metres (the weight of what has been thrown multiplied by the distance it is thrown in kilograms and metres).

Fitzy & Wippa threw a 766kg Volkswagen Beetle 76.94 metres – an official distance of 58,936 kilogram metres – creating a new World Record as confirmed by a representative from the Guinness World Records after the attempt.

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