Cartwheeling Youngsters

Caroline Rothwell & Event Engineering

The City of Canada Bay commissioned renowned contemporary artist Caroline Rothwell to produce the artwork, named the Cartwheeling Youngster, which features six bronze sculptures based on the figure of a young child cartwheeling at various locations along the entire foreshore. This artwork has the capacity to become a treasured landmark in Rhodes and will draw visitors to the area, as well as being a talking point for the local community.

The Cartwheeling Youngster sees figures appear along the foreshore – at the water’s edge and on the grassed area.  The artwork is about the size of an eight-year-old child and provides amazing silhouettes against the water.  The artwork provides a memorable experience for people using the foreshore.  It celebrates the youth and vitality of the Rhodes community and signifies renewal, growth and potential. The figures are described as being a metaphor for the regeneration of Rhodes and the vibrancy of the young community.

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