Event Engineering works with an unrivalled passion and can help you by building a team of professionals matched perfectly to your requirements. We offer a team-based experience that is built on face-to-face dialogue to truly understand your vision, determine the problems that need solving and come up with the required solution to make your work truly unique.

From pre-visual concept development and proposals to complete project management services, we have the skills and over 25 years’ experience to deliver. Our capability also extends to all engineering design and construct services – including risk analysis, workshop design documentation, mechanical and structural design documentation, operational guidelines, fabrication, and even prototype structure development testing.

If you have any questions please get in touch:
E: admin@eventengineering.com.au
P: +61 2 9690 1734


Morgan Sheehy

Director | Senior Engineer

Alice Los

Graduate Engineer

Reinaldo Puentes Tucki

Director | Senior PM & Financial Controller

Jim Free

Design Producer

Jeremy Sparks

Director | Senior Designer

National Engineering Accreditations